Software Downloads

We encourage new users to download before purchasing. The downloads below are fully functional without time limits and may be licensed without the need to recreate your menus.

New! - Visual NodeFire [All Browser CSS3 Menus] v1.2.1 - (Released: 7/12/2013)
Visual NodeFire is a comprehensive visual studio for generating advanced CSS3 + HTML5 feature capable menus.

New! - NodeFire LightBox v1.01 - (Released: 6/12/2012)
The NodeFire LightBox is a highly customizable gallery slide show widget with a full API.

NodeFire Library API v1.1.1 - (Released: 6/12/2012)
The NodeFire Library is an API based widget library for developers. Includes menus, lightboxes, and animation tools.

Visual QuickMenu v8.2.6 - (Released: 2/8/2012)
Visual QuickMenu is the predecessor to the new Visual NodeFire software above.

Visual QuickMenu v7.4 (archived) - (Released: 1/20/2011)
QuickMenu 7.x owners are eligible for discounted upgrade pricing on the new NodeFire Software (contact us for details).