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Getting Started

Responsive QuickMenu is a manually customizable CSS / JavaScript widget. A plain text editor of your choosing and basic HTML / CSS experience is required. JavaScript knowledge is NOT required.

QuickMenu is compatible with any type of website. The menu code can be inserted directly to your HTML source or through any online site builder or cart program that offers the insertion of custom HTML.


The quickmenu download is in a zipped format that contains all the files necessary to create menus for your website. The software can be used on any Operating System (Windows, Mac, etc...). Download an unZip utility from the web if you don't already have one.

IMPORTANT: Unzip the download to a folder of your choosing before working with or viewing the files.

Tip: If your website is on your computer, unZip quickmenu to your sites root folder. While not required, it can simplify referencing images and menu links in a template if you use root relative paths (e.g. /mylink.html).

What's Inside?

The QuickMenu files and directory strucre is outlined below.

  • Template Folder - Each template folder contains a customizable menu and all supporting files.
    • images - All menu images
    • menu.html - Open in a plain text editor to edit menu items and properties.
    • qm_customize.css - Open in a plain text editor to change menu CSS styles.
    • qm.js - quickmenu file (do not edit!)
    • qm_core.css - quickmenu file (do not edit!)
  • start_here.html - Open in a browser for quick access to all the templates.

Working With Templates

Each template folder contains a starter menu that can be customized to fit your web site. All supporting QuickMenu files are included within each template folder.

  1. 1 Open 'start_here.html' in a browser and choose a template as a starting point for your menu.
  2. 2 Open the folder belonging to the template you chose (templates are numbered).
  3. 3 Open 'menu.html' and 'qm_customize.html' in a plain text editor.
  4. 4 After making edits reload the template in your browser to see the changes.

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