• Browser Support - (IE, FF, Safari, Android, +More...)
  • Use Any Structure (<UL>, <OL>, <DL>, <DIV>...)
  • Nest Any Content In Mega-Items (Lists, Divs,...)
  • Animate Items, Bullets, Subs, Page Content and More.
  • Seemless Pure CSS to Scripted Control Switching
  • Modify On The Fly (Items, Content, Animations....)
  • Advanced Breadcrumbs, SetPath, Replication...
  • Access Hundreds of Exposed API Methods and Events.
NodeFire is a feature rich, lightweight (12k Gzipped), navigation focused JavaScript widget library. Robust menu and animation effects are simple to work with and include an extensive API.
Try It Now: [NodeFire Menu Widget Template - Pure CSS Menu + Scripted API Control]
API Control: [Remove and Apply Sample API Code]

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