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Visual Drop Down Menu Builder
Visual QuickMenu does all the heavy lifting for you! Quickly create advanced HTML5 drop down menus.
  • 100's of starter templates
  • Quickly edit menu items
  • Visually apply CSS3 styles
  • Auto or manual publishing
  • All browser support
  • Animated transition tools
  • Gradient tools and more
  • Tons of feature add-ons!
Easy Mega Menus!
Quickly create multi-column mega sub menus.
A host of mega sub editing features such as drag to size, re-ordering, adding, and removing are included. Add titles, links, custom content, dividers, child sub menus, and more to a mega sub column.
Supports All Browsers and Devices!
All old browsers back to IE7 (circa 2006) are also supported.
QuickMenu delivers your site navigation as intended to 99.9% of the internet's browser market share!
QuickMenu Features...
  • Add any custom HTML to your menu items.
  • Menus can be vertical or horizontal.
  • Spice things up with a host of animation add-ons.
  • Includes a Mobile "swipe to open" option for subs.
  • Create standard and accordion style tree menus.
  • Open any link inside the built in lightbox / slideshow add-on.
  • Drop down menus can be click or hover actived.
  • Specify custom hide and show delay timers.
  • Supports all browsers from IE7(circa 2006) and up!
  • 100% self contained script with no 3rd party API requirements.
  • Runs as a pure CSS menu if JavaScript is disabled.
  • Generates a standard UL / LI edit friendly structure.
  • Advanced CSS3 styling options are easy to visually apply.
  • Create CSS gradients utilizing the built in gradient tool.
  • Create multi column "Mega Menus" in various layouts.
NodeFire Animator
Create interactive CSS animation effects and widgets (banners, slideshows, drop down menus, text effects, 3D animations, layouts, and more).
New Responsive QuickMenu!
8/29/2015 - One menu, any device! Auto switches from drop down to drill down. (more...)
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